Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that helps improve the traffic to your website starting with “on page” and continuing to “off page” optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) affects the visibility of your website in the search engine’s organic search results. The higher the rank in the search results, the more traffic is generated to the website.

  • On-site SEO

    On-site search engine optimization is to optimize a website for a certain keyword by strategically using this keyword in your website’s content and code. The website is enhanced by telling what each page on your website is about and which keyword is linked to which page.

    During this phase, our digital marketing consultants apply the following steps:

    Title Tag: Title tag is to include a particular keyword in the page’s title.

    Meta Description: Meta description is the general description of the page that should include relevant keywords.

    Meta keywords: Meta keywords are the keywords that are featured in the website.

    Heading Tags: Similar to the title tag, heading tags are used with the necessary keywords on the various pages of the website along with subheadings.

    Content Optimization: Search engines are text oriented; therefore it is necessary to feature a large amount of written content in the website with the relevant keywords.

    Internal Links: It is important to link through your website using the correct text for links in order to give search engines and visitors an idea about what to expect in the pages they are about to visit.

    Image ALT and title tags: Image ALT and title tags are small descriptions allowing search engines and visitors to know what the image is about.

  • Off-site SEO

    Off-site SEO is the process of getting links (known as backlinks) to your website from other websites. The links that come from high ranking websites increase your website’s ranking as well. It also covers related marketing and social media marketing.
    Some links are built into a website naturally when visitors like the look and content of the site.

    Link Building Services
    In the link building process, Xpert Solutions’ team of digital marketing creates inbound links to your website that allow your website to increase its ranking in the search engines. Our link building services help you trigger targeted traffic to your website.
    Permanent and relevant links from reputable websites can help your website achieve better ranking. The better the website’s content is written, the more other websites will want to link to your site especially when it offers its readers something of interest and value; this is what we provide in our search engine optimization services.

    Content Marketing / Copywriting Services
    Content marketing is to create and share valuable content that attracts a defined target audience and lead to proper engagement.
    The aim of content marketing isn’t selling, in the contrary, the main goal is to educate and influence the reader and provide him with helpful information. This strategy will let the readers reward you with their business and loyalty, and Xpert Solutions offer you the copywriting services that you need to achieve that.
    The effectiveness of Content Marketing is determined with traffic, time on site, brand equity surveys, etc.

    Directory Submissions
    Directory submission is the process of submitting your website to web directories. Your website’s URL and description are added to the most relevant categories in the directories during the directory submission process.
    Xpert Solutions’ online marketing strategists use this tool essentially in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) procedure during an online marketing campaign, in order to optimize the website and increase its popularity.

    Search Engine Submissions
    Search engine submission is a key tool in any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign offered by web solutions companies in general and Xpert Solutions in particular.
    By applying search engine submissions during the SEO process, our digital marketing department submits your website directly to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, in order to avoid waiting to be discovered by these search engines.

    Social Media Integration
    When social media accounts from several social media networks are linked and synced with the company’s website, it is called social media integration.
    No matter the type of business, Xpert Solutions considers Social media integration a primary element in any social media campaign and most of the digital marketing campaigns in general, because social media integration allows customers to interact and share information across all social media portals.